Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Weekend Away ☀ ☀

I've been very busy lately with school and I jumped at the chance to go down to our house by the beach for the weekend with my dad. It was such a chilled weekend and I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. This is where I spent every summer as kid and I absolutely love it here. 

 While I was just sitting on the sand, a random dog just came and sat beside me and put his paw on my leg. He was so gorgeous and friendly. 

 Me enjoying some Vitamin D basking in the sun.

Me driving and still alive to write this post :P

I bought a new shirt on saturday and I didn't even realise the writing on back initially. Translated to English from Swahili, it means 'After Work'. 

I had such an amazing weekend just relaxing and I am definitely going to make my way down to the beach more. Everyone has that one place were they feel utterly at home and at peace, for me, it is here, under the sun looking out at the Indian Ocean 

Hope you had an amazing weekend
Sarah x

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