Sunday, 21 June 2015

An Update

Hello there,
It has been a while.

From my previous post, you might be aware that I have graduated high school.
I can't believe that I can actually say it, but yes, I am a high school graduate. am no longer subjected to the monotonous and life draining evil that is high school.

(From left to right; Dad, Me, Mum, A Family Friend)

Along with 45 of my classmates, I went to stay at a beach hotel for three days after graduation. It was such an uncommon feeling to have not a care in the world. But as always, there was drama. All in all, it was a great send off to the classmates that I might never see again. 

While lounging by the pool one day, some random dog ran up from the beach and decided to have a snooze right beside me. 

I also cut my hair. It was getting too long (about half way down my back) and it was taking a lot of effort to maintain it. I just fancied a change and it being short will be a lot easier for summer. 

Now that I have a lot more time on my hands, I will be posting more regularly here. Expect a lot of photos of the beach. I am going to spend a lot of time as a beach bum this summer. 

And on that bombshell, goodnight! 
(Who else misses Top Gear?)

Sarah x

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