Sunday, 19 April 2015

Youtubers I am Enjoying at The Moment

Youtube has become massive over the last few years and with over 1 billion users, it is sometimes hard to find new channels. Here are some Youtubers that I haven't necessarily found recently, but have been loving.

Casey Neistat
I had know about Casey for a while and watched a couple of his videos, but never really got into them. However, I watched a video of his last night and continued watching his cannel until the early hours of the morning. Casey has got to be one of the most talented Youtubers out there. His video 'Make It Count' is one of my favourite Youtube videos ever and you can find it here

I can't remember how I found Jimmy's channel, but I am completely hooked. If you like Jack Howard's videos, you will like his. Most of them are just chats, but his seemingly endless awkwardness is just brilliant. 

I don't really know if Bo can be classed as a 'Youtuber', as he is mainly a comedian. A brilliant one at that. He started out a couple of years ago with original and comedic songs which have garnered a couple million views each. I highly recommend you watch his show 'what.', which you can find here.

Hannah Maggs
I'm sure many are aware of Hannah and her channel, where she and her husband, Stef post weekly vlogs of their life along with their adorable son, Grayson.

Which you Youtubers have you been enjoying lately?

Sarah x

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